Stationary Fire Protection

The FT10e firefighting turbine represents a new and innovative generation of stationary fire protection systems. It’s unique characteristic: the firefighting turbine combines the advantages of an extinguishing monitor with the cooling effect of water mist.

The water mist turbine has a 360° operating range and applies water mist accurately even at long distances. Water mist achieves a higher cooling effect when extinguishing fires while requiring less water. The turbine has two internally separated water circuits that allow different spray patterns:

  • a centrally located monitor generates a full jet or umbrella jet with 2,300 l/min
  • a nozzle ring on the outside of the turbine produces a fine water mist with up to 400 l/min.


Since the turbine uses water mist, it offers enormous advantages in the event of a fire: on the one hand, the structure can be better cooled by the water mist, and on the other hand, the lower quantity of extinguishing water also leads to reduced follow-up costs. The FT10e firefighting turbine can be controlled fully automatically by any fire detection system. It also works with water, foam or a water-foam mixture.

Spray pattern of the FT10e

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Fighting Fires with Firefighting Robots

The TAF35 firefighting robot is made up of a firefighting turbine mounted on a caterpillar vehicle. The firefighting robot can be operated by remote control, is very agile and can be used in many ways.

The turbine is fitted with an external nozzle ring, which atomizes water into a fine mist and then distributes it using a propeller. The water mist draws the heat from the fire very quickly and significantly reduces the temperature. The remote control increases the level of safety for the firefighters engaged in the work. On the one hand, the firefighters do not have to enter the area of immediate danger, and on the other, as in cases like tunnel fires, the firefighting vehicle can go in, in advance of the fire crew, who can then follow at a safe distance.

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Wildfire test: Firefighting turbine using water mist, Sardinia

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The new Firefighting Robot TAF60X