Suited for applying disinfectant in large indoor areas

As it is equipped with a dosing pump, it automatically mixes the disinfectant with the water, and the automatic swivelling ensures that the disinfectant is distributed evenly. The agent is then atomized with the water to form a fine mist that covers all surfaces and cleans them of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to its low sedimentation speed, the fog also reaches hidden corners.

The amount of liquid used is so small that puddles do not form on the floor or surfaces so that indoor use is not a problem.

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The first real odor controller on the market

Its nozzles produce a fine water mist, which is distributed over a wide area using a turbine. A dosing system mixes in substances its able to neutralize unpleasant emanating from a large-scale area can be dealt with using the turbine’s throwing distance of up to 50 meters.

Operating costs are extremely low compared to other solutions available on the market (biofilters, scrubbers, exhaust systems, etc.)

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