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Specialists in dust suppression systems

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Custom-made solutions for dust control and odour elimination

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Effective Dust Control

South African based company SCUA specialises in dust suppression system manufacturing and installation, delivering effective dust control outcomes to African mining and other industrial clients.

Dust Suppression

SCUA integrates a fully automated dust suppression system into a client’s process control system.

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We’ve been manufacturing water filters for mining applications since 1995.

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Spray Blocks

Our directional spray fan systems are manufactured in-house and aid in dust suppression.

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Fog Cannons & Evaporators

Custom-made solutions for dust control and odour elimination for a wide and diverse range of sectors. Mobile and fixed dust-binding sprayers, such as fog cannons and evaporators, are as much part of its repertoire as custom-built spray valve installations and complete dust-control systems.

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