Spray Blocks

SCUA’s new upgraded design of the directional spray fan system incorporates a fine water spray acting as a cooling lubrication that substantially improves bit life and reduces respirable dust levels. It consumes less water than the standard dust suppression sprays. The maintenance-friendly nozzles are easily removed, no tools required.

Directional Spray Fan System

Nozzle Type SF features and benefits:

  • Hollow Cone spray pattern
  • Small size droplets
  • Uniform distribution over wide range of flow rates and pressures
  • O-ring sealed
  • Easily removable for inspection or cleaning
Capacity Size Inlet Dia. Orifice Dia. Capacity L/min @8bar Spray Angle
1.5 2 x 1mm 1.5 1.29 60° or 90°
1.6 2 x 1mm 1.6 1.58 60° or 90°
1.9 2 x 1mm 1.9 2.23 60° or 90°
2 2 x 1mm 2 2.58 60° or 90°

Nozzle easily removed with 2 clips

Spray Block 200

3 Nozzles

Spray Block 250

2 Nozzles

Spray Block 440A

3 Nozzles Right

Spray Block 440B

2 Nozzles Left, 1 Nozzle Right

Spray Blocks

SCUA’S directional spray fan systems are manufactured in-house and designed on the principles of:

  • dust suppression
  • increased air movement across face creating face velocity
  • pick cooling, therefore prolonging cutting bit life
  • dilution of methane
Directional & Reverse Flush
Directional Flush